What Is AppsInsights?

AppsInsights lets you measure all user activity inside your application after download, understand how users interact with your software and get insight on how to increase conversion and sales of your products.

Features & Benefits

Track all user Activity

Track All User Activity

  • Monitor all user activity in your Mac OS based products right after the download.
  • Get detailed info on how your product is used and what features its users like the most.
  • Learn what versions or builds are most used.
  • Get statistics on user location, OS type etc.
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Optimize User Expirience

Optimize User Experience

Learn what areas and features of your software are used most and which of them are ignored by users.

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Boost Conversion

  • Learn what features produce highest conversion rates.
  • Learn how users act in the conversion process.
  • Learn what exactly users hope to achieve with your product.
  • Improve usability, increase conversion rates and maximize ROI.
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Boost Conversion
Professional Marketing & Assistant

Professional Marketing and Support Assistant

You will get a dedicated marketing and support assistant who will:

  • Help you integrate promo page.
  • Define essential metrics to track.
  • Provide quarterly business reviews for your software.
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Access Your Data Quickly & Safely

Access Your Data Quickly and Safely

  • All your data is securely stored at servers powered by Amazon Web Services.
  • Server architecture is designed to work with unlimited number of users.
  • Data is transferred via secure protocol.
  • Users have access to different reports.
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Benefits of AppsInsights For:


  • Increase sales by seeing gaps in the application
  • Make decisions based on precise statistics
  • Get alerts on significant changes of KPIs
  • Get an opportunity to spot trends

Sales & Marketing

  • Analyze every single detail that may improve sales
  • Focus on real users, not your perceptions
  • Make tests to see what works better
  • Get precise statistics on your impact

UI / UX Designers

  • Visualize user behavior in your software
  • Get immediate insight on usability influence
  • Track how your work impacts the product
  • Tweak the UI according to user preferences